We, Meta Schooling Pvt. Ltd., Pune are in the field of education, with a team of researchers, educationists, and analysts, dedicated to integrating our ancient Gurukul values with the latest schooling and knowledge system. Our methods and model impart right values in Gen-Next right from a tender age. The model has been endorsed by world-renowned scientists and intellectuals from premier institutions like IITs and IIMs, and mentored by stalwarts like Padma Bhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. The innovation is rooted in curriculum, processes, teacher development programmes, parent education, and in empowering students with skill development right from secondary stage, all of which are instrumental in the making of Man, Society and Nation. It addresses most of the 21st century concerns including weakening family values and environment.

Based on ancient philosophy and Bharatiya wisdom, we present end-to-end solutions to address serious shortcomings in the prevailing education system. Our comprehensive and sustained Teacher Development Programme assures the school of perceptible enhancement of Creativity, Innovation & Leadership skills of Teachers, and guides the school in establishing excellent communication and connectivity by networking not only regionally but also globally. We also have a Parent-Teacher Magazine meant to bring both Teachers and Parents on the same plane of understanding.


Under the banner GURUTWA, we have a comprehensive and sustained Teacher Development Programme which assures the school of positive and perceptible enhancement of the Creativity, Innovation and Leadership skills of the Teacher, and guides the school in establishing excellent communication and connectivity by networking not only regionally but also globally.

SHRUSHTI (Create) is an organized effort by GURUTWA to help schools build a culture of creative thinking and creative working by both Teachers and Students.

SPARSH (Communicate) is a well thought-out endeavor by GURUTWA to help schools improve their overall communication capabilities.

SARANSH (Calibrate) is a planned attempt by GURUTWA to help schools develop innovative and realistic assessment techniques focused primarily on qualitative development.

SAMPARK (Connect) is a structured venture by GURUTWA to help schools establish a good connectivity regionally as well as globally and to position the school well socially in the global frontline.

P. T. Education

We have a Parent-Teacher Magazine which facilitates bringing parents and teachers on the same plane of understanding, helping teachers to effectively handle issues of parents, so that smooth communication takes place between them regarding matters of their children; barriers to communication are minimized to a great level.

Shishu Sanskar

Unlike Primary and Secondary, there is full freedom to choose and design the curriculum content in Pre-Primary. We have to leverage the advantage of this independence. Also, at the tender age of children from 3 to 6 years, it is known that the child absorbs all that is offered to it. So, why not offer the child, content that is full of values?

Our unique and high-value Pre-school model – Shishu Sanskar – is based on Bharatiya culture and traditional wisdom. It is a niche created in the field of pre-schooling that innovatively integrates the best of Gurukul values with the latest pre-school knowledge system. It is a scientifically verified model that empowers parents and teachers to work together to give the best suited education for children.

We have designed a curriculum that is all values, and yet constitutes all that the world is chasing today. It also in a way educates the parents, who at the end of the day are very satisfied with us.

For details, please visit Shishu Sanskar Website

Corporate Training


In this 21st century, lifestyle issues are very common. People have become more and more unpredictable in their behaviour and attitude. Hence, a spiritual and humanity based training and development programme becomes essential for all.

Honesty, Dedication, Commitment are very difficult to manage. In fact these are self managed aspects of an individual. Hence, spirituality plays an instrumental role in shaping these characteristic traits in them.

Our comprehensive motivational and training programme helps individuals to logically relate various aspects of life and convincingly start practising these values in life.

It is essential that Leadership, Innovation, Values and Excellence are to be nurtured in a very systematic way and in a cultural environment. Organizational culture needs a massive transformation today to accommodate a wide range of diverse individuals. After all, performance and productivity depend largely on how much tuned they are with good feel.

Our Gita for Corporates is a powerful, time-tested approach ​for empowering employees with positive thinking.


  • Integrity Management
  • Leadership & Motivation
  • Decision Making
  • Time, Stress ​& Self ​Management
  • Organizational Culture

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